Our Services Video Transcript

At Wealth Management LLC we have a proven system developed over time for all levels of advisors.  Our experience team does the heavy lifting so you, our advisor, can focus on what really matters, growing your business and spending time with your clients. Whether you are new to the business or are established and looking for a partner to enhance your growth, we have a proven system that will fit your business goals. 

Step 1: Registration and Licensing – if you are new to the business, we have the blueprint to get you up and running.  We have partnered with a compliance firm who will take you through the steps of setting up a legal entity, registering with your state, and will provide ongoing compliance for your firm.  We also have the materials and the familiar allottee to help you study for and pass any necessary tests.  We will be by your side to assist you with the initial legwork to become a registered investment advisor if you are not already one. 

Step 2: Generate Prospects – the next step in this processing is answering the question, how do I generate prospects for this new service?  At Wealth Management LLC, we understand this process and we will work with you to evaluate your current client base and identify what strategies to use.  We supply marketing pieces labeled for you, so you can easily introduce your new services. Our proven scripts will help you steer the conversation with your prospects whether they are an existing client you already have a relationship with or a new client you were just meeting for the first time.

Step 3: Lead Conversions/Prospects to Clients – Once you have generated prospects we will coach you along the way to turn those prospects into clients.  Our series of open-ended questions developed for you will allow you to assess the needs and desires of the prospect with the information that you provide.  After the discovery meeting, we will do an analysis of the prospect’s current financial picture.  In this analysis, we will break down the client’s current portfolio and compare it to our apples to apples portfolio, review the client’s insurance and estate planning needs and provide a one-on-one rehearsal of our discussion points and solutions to prepare you for the meeting.  Once you have presented the solutions to the client, we will help you process all the paperwork needed for the client and we will handle all of the account maintenance for you once the account is established.  You can consider us an extension of your firm taking the need to hire and handle more staff out of the equation.  We do the behind the scenes work so you are freed up to spend invaluable time servicing current clients and prospecting new ones.

Step 4: Servicing Clients for Life – After your prospects have transitioned into clients, Wealth Management LLC provides you with the necessary features to serve as your client’s investment needs for life.  From generating a quarterly performance report for each of your clients to the ongoing rebalancing of your client’s portfolios and everything in between.  We will have all the tools and knowledge to ensure a quality experience for you and your clients. 

Partnering with Wealth Management LLC means that your learning curve is drastically reduced.  Our goal is to make you as efficient as possible as quickly as possible.  Rest assured, when you partner with us, there is always a helping hand operating behind the scenes.  We are by your side, every step of the way.  Let us do the legwork so you can focus your time on what is important to you.

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