Our Story Video Transcript

As a CPA firm, we saw the need to provide more investment advice for our clients.  So, we created Wealth Management LLC.  We are an extension of your firm.  We want you to focus on the clients and we’ll do the behind-the-scenes work which includes the administrative tasks, the trades, the quarterly reports, the research—anything you need to help you reach the goals of your clients.

As a partner with us, you’ll benefit greatly from our experience.  We bring a lot of experience from a tax standpoint, from an investment standpoint, from the estate planning standpoint and then you can bring it to your client.  We really take an active role with you and your clients.  We’re very “hands on” so if you need to get ready for a meeting, we’re getting you ready for the meeting.  We always say that we’re a partner with our advisory firms because we really get to know you and how to make you successful.  The definition of success—how are we going to get there?  Let’s brainstorm this thing together, because if you grow, we will grow with you.  We partner with you.  We coach.  We provide the training that’s necessary.  We do whatever it is that you need behind the scenes so that you can work with your clients and answer their questions.

We all know that time is precious, and everybody only has so much time to work with clients.  We want you to focus on your clients while we take care of all the back-office work, the paperwork.  That’s what we do at Wealth Management LLC.