It’s Not Tax Season, It’s Marketing Season

Webinar Recording | January 2023

Presented by Nate Raabe

During tax season, it is the best opportunity for CPAs and advisors to market their firm by showcasing the value-added services they offer. Make sure that during your meetings, your clients are aware of the services you offer, focusing on those that are tailored specifically to them. It shouldn’t be the clients job to ask about a specific service. The advisor should proactively recognize a client’s potential needs, so they are prepared for the meeting with any necessary resources. These services could include medical reimbursement plans and managing HSA contributions, proper entity setup, estate planning, retirement strategies, cost effective investment strategies, funding IRA’s, beneficiary designation discussions, etc.

For some clients, this may be the one time of year that you have a face-to-face meeting in the office with them. Take this opportunity to tidy up your workspace. Clear clutter from your desk so that there are no distractions during your meetings. Have (up to date) business cards available for the client to take. And encourage them to take an extra card if you think they could refer an ideal client to you. Make sure your clients are comfortable and relaxed so it will be an encouraging environment for them to ask questions and discuss their financial plans and goals.

When meeting with clients during tax season, an accountant should highlight tax-savings opportunities on the Form 1040. A thorough 1040 review can present opportunities to have conversations surrounding wages, interest income, dividend income, IRAs and pensions, capital gains and losses, net operating losses, medical expenses, etc. Review the Schedule 1 for alimony, business income, partnerships/S corps, farm income, unemployment, HSA deductions, self-employed SEP, SIMPLE and qualified plans, IRA deductions, etc. to look for potential opportunities. Review the Schedule 3 for education credits, etc.

If you are an advisor that has questions on how you can best tailor your services to help your clients achieve their financial goals, reach out to the professionals at Wealth Management.

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